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One of the most powerful ways you can support families facing conflict, crisis and disaster around the world is by including Earth Watch Corps as a beneficiary in your will. Your legacy gift connects your life story with our work for years to come — and with the lives of the millions of people we reach.

Everyone who establishes a legacy gift is invited to join the Earth Watch Corps Legacy Society. It’s our way of saying thank you for your generous commitment to sustain our lifesaving work. As a member of the Legacy Society, you’ll receive exclusive updates on our work and invitations to special events where you can learn more about the impact you’re making around the world.

To make it easy to support Earth Watch Corps with a legacy gift, we’ve partnered with FreeWill. Using their online tool, you can write a legal will in 20 minutes or less for free, and include a legacy gift to Earth Watch Corps. Click here to get started.

If you have additional questions about how to create a will and include Earth Watch Corps as a beneficiary, click here for answers to common questions.

If you decide to leave us in your will, please reference our legal name, Earth Watch Corps. If you wish to name Earth Watch Corps as a whole or partial beneficiary of your IRA, retirement plan, life insurance policy or donor-advised fund, please contact your plan administrator.

And please let us know if you do! We’d love to recognize you for your generosity and welcome you into the Legacy Society.

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Meet Shaji and his family, members of the Earth Watch Corps Legacy Society

When their child were born, Phincy and Shaji had many decisions to make – including what kind of legacy they wanted to leave behind. They decided to empower some of the world’s most vulnerable communities to build stronger, thriving futures by including Earth Watch Corps in their family’s business plan – making a difference for generations to come.

“My parents instilled in me the idea that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect,” says Milan Stephy Shaji. “We choose to support organizations that embody this ideal.”

That’s why Phincy and her husband Shaji chose to leave a percent of their family business income to Earth Watch Corps. It fits right in line with their core values: making the world a little better, for generations to come.

“Earth Watch Corps doesn’t just descend on a community and dictate to them how problems should be solved. They work collaboratively with local authorities to implement responsible solutions.”

Phincy’s story is inspiring and important, but perhaps what inspires the most hope is that it’s not exclusive: Anyone from anywhere can make Earth Watch Corps part of their lasting legacy – including you.

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